27 NovMuzzling A Snoring Problem

When your long-awaited sleep is rudely shattered by the snoring of your partner sometimes it’s enough to consider sleeping on the couch for the rest of your life. We all know that if we are the ones who do not snore, we’re usually the ones on the couch. Unless you have a pull-out sofa chances are your couch is not as comfortable as your bed, and, beds matter. We all want to remain in our beds and while those of us who do not snore wish desperately for an uninterrupted snooze, those who do snore wish for a night where they aren’t jarred awake from an elbow to the ribs.
There are a variety of reasons people suffer from snoring and there are also a multitude of products available that are designed to help curb the snoring habit. People can snore for health reasons such as being overweight, smoking or drinking heavily before bed time and taking sedatives before bed in order to get any sleep at all are some of the culprits that contribute to snoring. Unfortunately changing a lifestyle is not an easy or quick thing. That isn’t to say that it can’t be done, but you may need assistance while you are working on your lifestyle changes to help you stop snoring.

Many people snore because their tongue and the muscles in their mouths relax and the tongue can fall to the back of the mouth while a person sleeps and obstructs the airway. This is very common in people who are overweight, drink before bed or use sedatives to help them sleep. Because you are using a sedative or muscle relaxant your tongue is a target for that medication and it too will relax. Not many people are aware of what goes on in their own mouths while they sleep because they are, of course, sleeping!

If your snoring is caused by any of the reasons above the best anti-snoring device you could invest in would be a snoring mouthpiece. These seemingly unattractive hunks of plastic are designed to either force the lower jaw open to allow more oxygen into the airway and/or hold your tongue in place so that it doesn’t fall back in your mouth while you sleep. There are many different kinds of mouthpieces with varying prices and designs. Be mindful when you look into this option. You don’t want something just because it’s inexpensive. That can mean the product is flimsy and even though you should replace your mouthpiece every four months or so that doesn’t mean you should just get something subpar. You want to ensure that the material is solid, that the mouthpiece can come in varying sizes and that there are customizable options. Not all mouths are the same and you should look into a mouthpiece that recognizes that.

Some people snore because they are sick. This happens to the best of us, but it’s hard to breathe when your nostrils are full of mucus on even the best of days. There are nasal strips for that which kind of look like a strip of bandage that crosses the bridge of your nose and attaches to the nostrils in an attempt to hold them open. This, coupled with an antihistamine if it is allergies, can do wonders on alleviating your snoring.

There are other options to consider such as chin straps and fancy pillows but it’s best not to waste your time and money. The mouthpieces are definitely the best option currently available and the technology is only getting better. While you may be hesitant to putting the piece of plastic in your mouth when you realize the wonderful sleep you and your possible partner will get you’ll realize it’s well worth looking silly for.

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