04 NovFoods That Bring You Up When You Need It!

foodsWhy are so many sexually frustrated men opting for Viagra, the drug touted as the end-all-be-all for sexual prowess, when similar “enhancers” are nothing more than a supermarket trip away? While it’s anyone’s guess as to what exactly triggers the inability to perform between the sheets — hormonal factors, psychological issues and fatigue are among a variety of suspected causes — rest assured that the power of nutrition plays a huge role in your sex life. The adage ‘you are what you eat” just took on a whole new meaning, didn’t it?

Keep it Flowing

Erectile dysfunction, aka impotence, is often correlated with common systemic diseases in the body, including diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease. These maladies can create a state where blood flow to all parts of the body is impeded (minimize blood flow to you-know-where and your better half will be forced to summon one of her “adult toys” from the emergency stash). Because such health ailments take years to develop, it’s no wonder that many men are confused by their inability to perform sexually, wondering why, all of a sudden, they’re having problems in the sack.

In reality, sexual shortcomings are anything but sudden; any disease that impedes blood flow likely takes years to set in and the final result — impotence — could very well be the culmination of habitually poor eating habits. The following foods, however, are just the thing for promoting good health and possibly contributing to an increased libido and ability to perform. Don’t be surprised if your wife or girlfriend adds these six foods to her grocery list and all but shoves them down your throat on the way to the bedroom.

1 Oysters

Nature’s answer to Viagra. Oysters are rich in zinc, the mineral that supports the production of testosterone, the male hormone that helps males, well, be males. Maintaining the big T helps support sexual prowess. Stress, smoking, a poor diet, pollution and even exercising to the point of exhaustion can lower testosterone levels. The other benefit of zinc is that it can lower blood sugar levels in diabetics, who often suffer from impotence.

2 Fish

New research shows that millions of Americans are borderline diabetics and may have low levels of magnesium in their systems; this could be you without you even knowing it. With an increased intake of magnesium (like that found in salmon and other fish), diabetics and borderline cases can make better use of blood sugar. In theory, this would parlay into better overall blood flow in the body, thus benefiting men with erectile difficulties. Magnesium is also important for testosterone production.

3 Apples

Apples are dense in quercetin, the bioflavonoid that helps prevent LDL (“bad”) cholesterol from building up in the arteries and impeding blood flow, Other good sources of quercetin are tea and onions. A cup or two of tea, your favorite dish loaded with onions (like a salad or egg white omelet), and an apple a day just might add a spark to your love life.

4 Extra-Lean Beef

A diet high in saturated fat and trans-fatty acids will likely lead to elevated cholesterol levels and heart disease, which will negatively influence sexual performance. Banish the french fries and potato chips, but don’t do away with red meat completely. Extra-lean cuts, such as eye of round steak and ground sirloin, may actually sharpen your sexual aptitude. Red meat is dense in vitamins [B.sub.6], [B.sub.12] and folic acid, which are associated with lower levels of homocysteine, an amino acid by-product that can contribute to heart disease and interfere with erectile integrity in the absence of the above vitamins. Red meat is also dense in zinc, the testosterone-supporting mineral mentioned earlier.

5 Wheat Germ

You can’t take the E out of sex and get away with it — Vitamin B, that is. The consensus among physicians is that Vitamin E can lower the risk of arteriosclerosis, the narrowing of the arteries that carry blood to the different parts of the body Foods rich in E also prevent LDL levels from causing damage. Cue wheat germ and soybeans, two of the better sources of Vitamin E. Add wheat germ to a morning bowl of oats or mix it into meal replacement shakes. Cooked soybeans mixed with chopped tomatoes and onions along with a small amount of fat-free salad dressing makes a great side dish. Or you can grind a half-cup into a pound of extra-lean ground beef. You’ll never know it’s there… but your lady will.

6 Broccoli

Steamed beef and broccoli, a bodybuilder’s favorite available at any Chinese restaurant, is nor only lean and tasty but could be beneficial to your sex life over the long haul. Broccoli, in addition to cauliflower and cabbage — a group of vegetables known as “crucifers” — contains phyto-chemicals, which help convert the tiny amounts of estrogen in a man’s body into a weaker, less potent form. The theory goes that weaker estrogen alters the testosterone-to-estrogen ratio in favor of testosterone, which can boost your libido. If you’re over 40, an age when testosterone levels start to decline, a few extra servings of broccoli or coleslaw could prove beneficial in the bedroom. You’ll probably sleep better, too.

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